Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's All Going so Fast

And then not so much. Let's see:

*I walked to the post office yesterday and got shipping pricing ($3-$5) for the dish clothes & the baby blanket
*Picked up some coffee on the way, hehe

*Sorted through all the pictures taken into their own folders & then down to 5 each. Now I just need to post them... (and write descriptions)

*Made 3 banners - 2 for the shop, 1 for the blog but didn't realize I couldn't get rid of the title by Blogger so no new banner for now.

*Developed a "text" logo with Knitted Home's name :) I love it...

*Getting my paperwork/organizing in order (pictures, forms for me to use, etc)

*Figuring out pricing, costs, etc. (not as fun as it sounds, that's for sure)

Other News:
Finished knitting a little scarf for a boy I've been babysitting who just moved here from Brazil (and needs a few things for winter). I'll try to post a picture of it soon. I finished the matching hat (crocheted) last week and the mittens 2 weeks ago (using his hands as a pattern while I watched him).

I wish the details that I'm waiting on would hurry up.

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