Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Back!

See?  What did I tell you.  Without a deadline I don't get anything done :(  I don't really know what kicked my butt into gear, but last week I opened an email for Etsy on Success (selling on Etsy) and normally I don't have time to even read them but this time I did and boy did it get my attention!  I couldn't believe how much energy welled up inside of me to get moving on this shop.

On top of that email, I had a few other motivators:
*I sold a dishcloth - right off my needles! - back in July while I was babysitting.  I hung that $5 on my bulletin board to remind me that I can do this.  I just need to start and stop being so afraid of failing.  Even the lady that bought it from me told me I need to sell them and that she loves them.  Which always helps to know that I'm not just making some boring thing :)
*This week: an old high school friend of mine stopped by to buy a quart of (homemade) applesauce from me and ended up buying 2 scarves, a hat and a matching pair of mittens from me!  And promised to tell me to her friends (to buy hats, scarves, etc).  All of a sudden I didn't feel silly wanting to sell my articles like I have all the years past.  All of a sudden I felt like I had something to offer that was worth someone paying me to make.  :)   So...
*Last night I ordered business cards listing my Etsy shop from vistaprint.  Now I'm hooked.

I really want this to work and I feel like I finally have a confidence behind my desire to finally put it into gear and drive this passion.  Heck, I even asked a few of my co-workers today about their experiences selling on Etsy and ended up getting numbers to get together over coffee & swap notes on the process.  So we'll see where it goes from here.  :)

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