Monday, November 29, 2010

Knitted Cuff Anyone?

This was originally suppose to be my next scarf project so I could attempt a "braided" look using cables... until I got bored with the scarf idea... Next thing I know, it's laying across my wrist & my brain screams: "what a cool bangle/bracelete/cuff?"

AND its really warm!  I normally have ice-cold fingertips ALL winter--but not this time!  Soon after finishing it and trying it on, I could feel the heat return to my fingertips :)  A new twist on the wrist warmer?!


  1. cute a little "neck warmer" for your hands!! thos work good for your neck too, I use to where a fleece head band around my neck to hold in the heat, maybe you could make them too!! Neck bands and cuff band sets?!!! Cool huh!!

  2. @kim - totally cool :) I've seen those felt neck bands before, too. Though I'm not as good with the sewing machine as you are. I am working on a pattern for a knitted cowl (circular scarf) that I want to add to the shop soon. :)

  3. Very cool! Or... er... Very warm! ;)