Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What do You Think?

No new photos today, unfortunately.  I was hoping to list a few more items in the shop today but was called into work last minute and I still have a full day ahead of me.  So hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning (which is scheduled to be another Etsy morning).  Be sure to check back soon!

Question - should I do a sale (like a 3-day 20% off anything in the shop thus far), or should I do a giveaway (and if so, what should I give away?)  I look forward to your input! :)


  1. I would wait to do a sale until you have more products listed. Maybe hold out for a week or two. and then you could do a pre-black friday sale? like the week of thanksgiving? just a thought.

  2. When I started mt etsy shop, I went really low on my prices just to get good feed back, then it takes off from there! I think my first covers sold for around $4.75 now I have them up for $10-$12 .
    I think it's all about getting those first few sales and good feed back!

    Who know, you defiantly want lookers!!

    It's fun tho to see that people are looking and you can see how many on each thing huh!!

  3. @ Julie - Good idea! I will think about doing a sale the Mon-Wed before Thanksgiving...
    @ Kim - I like your idea. I hadn't thought of pricing like that, before. I definitely enjoy watching the view count go up. Now I just need to focus on getting my first sale...
    Thanks for the advice!