Monday, December 6, 2010


Look what came in the mail today!!  

I have to say, Kim is amazingly awesome and such a sweet friend.  I can't believe she would take it upon herself to not only send me my favorite cell cover but ALSO make me a custom piece made to my phone's non-specific (neither of us are measurement-savy, hehe) measured phone-->and it fits perfectly!  Figure that one out, :)  Thanks Kim!  You are such an amazing person!  Yay for surprises in the mail :)


  1. Whoo hooo!! Sooo glad it fit and I love that you posted a picture so I could see for myself!! Is the other one a bit big? I hope you don't mind the colors I used what I have on hand, and who knows when I'll be back to a fabric store :O)

    Joyful Julianna is the font I used in the picture, it's my most favorite one! If you go to photo shop called picnic, it is what I use to edit my pictures, free and it's in the fonts there!!

    Hope that helps!! Kim

  2. Thanks so much Kim! The other one is beautiful, too!( Don't worry about apologizing for using things on hand--I do it too!) And it fits beautifully. My phone fits perfect width-wise and then the top of my phone comes to the bottom of the snap so it works out well! Now I have to figure out how to use TWO cell phone cases, hehe.

    I will have to check that photo editor out. Thanks! :)