Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Productive! = Success!

Yes, I'm still around.  Life has been getting pretty busy around here.  I picked up a fourth (!?) job for the spring only because it is in the area of my degree and I figure it is time I start using that University degree ;)  So bear with me, the posts may not be coming as often as they had before the new year but I'll definitely be trying to keep up with a schedule once my life's schedule settles into itself.

On to the fun part:  Today was an Etsy Day!  That means I have nothing scheduled outside of my apt (all those other jobs or errands) and I only work on Etsy To-Do things like....

Making more packaging.  I've been dwindling so low, I used up my last good-sized package to ship off a cowl to Chicago (one of my more recent custom orders) and realized that was the last one!  Yikes!  Luckily, I haven't been too busy that I needed to get orders out lickety-split but that is changing soon.  I have another order to ship out Thursday and quite a few others locally that are interested so my little fingers will be working quite a bit for the next couple weeks.

The Cowl sent off to Chicago.
Other things done today:
*worked on Thursday's custom order (half done)
*sew 24 package envelopes in 3 hours (while watching The Last Song, a good background movie)
*photographed two new Etsy dishcloths
*re-listed two Etsy dishcloths, listing other 2 new ones next
*blog post (*check*!)

Now off to bed because I have a full day of work outside the apt :-\  One of these days Etsy'll pay the bills.... right? ;)

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  1. I wondered what a cowl was, now I know! I looks warm~ Great job! I also love how you package your etsy things!