Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Moment to Surface

Yup, I'm still busy at work.  I have a long list of orders to fill (and a few gift requests).  This week I've already completed 2 orders and 1 from last week.  Still to do:
*a yellow & purple striped scarf (which is currently on my needles) (2-13)
*a matching crochet beanie with braided earflap ties (2-14)
*green & brown crochet beanie (2-10)
*2 pairs of black socks
*crochet camoflage beanie (2-6)
*2 or 3 cowls for the shop (teal cowl- 3-11)

I apologize I haven't been online lately.  But I'm hoping to get a few pictures of completed works on here soon.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Anyone else getting pelted with lots o' snow? :)


  1. whew...that is a lot to do! now just add a heart garland! it's quick to make. i included the link in a previous post and completely forgot to link again. find the pattern here:

  2. @Allison - Thanks so much for the link. I guess I should have dug a little deeper through your blog :-P Thanks for stopping by :)