Friday, March 25, 2011

All Neat & Tidy

Well, it's taking longer than I anticipated (<-- story of my life).  But I have to admit I love the fresh feeling of a tidy work & storage space :)  That feeling of fresh air is what keeps me coming back (to cleaning) for more; it's especially welcome after this long, dreary winter.  And knowing that all my supplies & happily crafted items are stored in an easy-to-find manner is a weight off my shoulders (no more towering piles waiting to be attended-to).  Now I just want to sit and stare at their tidy beauty, tehe.  (Secret: I was never tidy as a child but always envied those that are; slowly, I'm trying to learn the secret to staying organized).

The messy Before picture.

The Beautiful After.

So now I'll be keeping all items in here, out of the Living Room.

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