Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Alternative Interface from Which to Update

Guess what new way I found to update the blog *today*? That's right... the Playstation 3. My desktop decided to quit randomly today and even after repairing permissions it won't start up properly. :( So to the Mac store with my harddrive I go.... sometime this week.

Looks like I'll be getting that Macbook a few months sooner than planned..... if possible (depends on my & the sales associate's agreement since we had origianly agreed to June)... So we'll see. At least I have a computer at work 3 days a week that I can work from. Maybe I'll end up being MORE productive at home because I won't have a computer to spend mindless hours on. ... Hmm, so much to think about.

How is your weekend shaping up?


  1. Ours is going out soon too.... Rob just cleaned it out and it 's still not real happy~ I can't wait ... cause I realllllly want an ipad ish type tiny little thing that I can put in my purse! I've been real busy on my etsy, so lots of convos keep me online... whew it's fun tho :O)

  2. @Kim - have you looked into a smart(cell)phone? I'm absolutely in love with the HTC Evo because it is the largest screen (MUCH nicer than the iPhone) and easy interface (from what I've seen on my friends' phones). That is what I'd get if I had a cellphone upgrade soon. I'm still contemplating it though, if I decide to switch carriers (I'm currently on Verizon). Good luck!

  3. So I've wondered before how you know if some one will find a comment if they replied! I had to look again!
    We have looked into a cell phone with all the goodies, but we don't like a contract, so a tablet with wifi sounds good to me?!!
    How are you?!!