Thursday, June 30, 2011

Limbo Projects

Well, I didn't have anything exciting to share this week, no new projects started or completed and I've been house/dog sitting all weekend until Wednesday.  I didn't take any projects to work on because I couldn't decide on one.  The others are all in limbo waiting to be sewn or waiting for more yarn in their needed color.  So I was just going to say, "Don't forget me.  I'll hopefully have some posts coming out next week!"

But then I came across an old friend's post about her unfinished projects' closet and her fight to keep one of her projects out of that closet.  And it made me think about what I do with my uncompleted-"but-still-working-on" projects and how I keep them out of the "I've-given-up" basket.  My fiancé gave me an old folding knitting bag from his grandmother's house last Fall and I didn't have any place to put it so it ended up next to the coffee table.

Since I try earnestly to keep things tidy in the living room, I've made it a point to put my projects in there when I'm done working on them between sittings.  I've come to find it very pleasing to have my in-progress projects nearby whenever I go to watch a TV show or movie because then I can pick up my project and begin right away without stopping the "sink-into-the-couch-and-watch-the-tube" flow.  The best part is I don't feel guilty vegging in front of the TV because I'm *working* on a project!  haha.
Lazy productivity.  ;-)

What do you do to keep your projects from becoming abandoned?

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