Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working on a New Project

Do you think it could be the "next big thing"? :)


  1. Love them! Did you ever see my apartment when I lived over by the Botanical Gardens? I had one set of the regular magnetic poetry and then made a TON of my own words (mostly geeky geology stuff) from letters cut out of magazines :)

  2. nice! No, unfortunately I never saw it. :( I've made a few other word-magnets from magazine words that caught my eye. I made a set for myself for the dishwasher. I've had mine for about 2+ years now and a Mom asked if I'd make her a set, she'd pay me! So I finally got my butt in gear... but, of course, I couldn't stop at just ONE... not until I had cut all the c,l,e,a,n,d,i,r,t,ys out of one magazine did I stop (because it was the only magazine with me). Can you believe I got nearly 8 sets out of that ONE?
    (wow, this reply turned out WAY too long.... haha)