Friday, July 22, 2011

Nima's Pillow

A friend of mine has moved to Strongsville (outside of Cleveland) for a job and started from scratch furnishing his apartment (he sold off, donated, gave away & threw away anything he didn't want to take with him).  I felt so honored that he asked ME to help him in his furniture search for his new apartment.  :)  After we made a list of the things he needed (or I *wanted* for him), we went to a couple different furniture shops around his area.  We ended up finding most of the stuff we liked at World Market & Value City Furniture (I think).  And to make his place feel more like a home (& save money), I told him I'd be making him a couple throw pillows for his couch, two round seat cushions for his bistro/patio set, and a set of dishclothes, handtowel, & hotmits.

Well, as simple as this sounds (and normally I'd be able to whip all this up in 2 weeks), time has sped by, like it usually does in my presence, and it's already been a month since he moved out there.  Happily, I have already finished one, solid-turquoise pillow for him...

...and just finished the striped light & dark turquoise pillow to compliment it (it is 18" square, 2" larger than the 16" solid square; but I think they'll look very nice together).  He is a pretty modern guy and I think matchy-matchy just wouldn't have been his style.

All together on his new, modern couch (and VERY comfy-firm):

Next on the list: the pair of yellow + white circular seat cushions.  Hopefully they won't take me another month to complete (though I can see it being true; I'll be making up the pattern as I go along, which means trial and error takes more time).

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