Thursday, September 1, 2011

August = My Black Hole

Every year August is overstuffed with appointments, camps, vacations, etc that I never seem to find much time for myself (socially, which includes blogging). So I apologize it spilled over into this blog. But a quick update of sorts and then hopefully I'll be back to regular posting -- I've got a ton waiting to be photographed after this last week :) I can't wait to share it all. Why hasn't anyone invented a device that I could just touch a picture on my cellphone and drag it to my computer and type up a little thing about it and click "post" within 5 minutes?

So my update: My wedding date is coming up (early October) and things are coming to a head. I can't wait for the planning to be over. I've never been a party-planner and trying to take on a wedding as your first big "party" is not the way to go, haha. But I do promise I'm very excited to be married. My fiancé and I just closed on a cute little 2-bedroom house this past Tuesday. It is 3 blocks from the main drag and 3 blocks the other way is the public library.

So I'll be heaven. :) Not to mention that second bedroom I've already claimed as my "craft room" to store all my etsy items! :-D That'll be a fun post in pictures come October and November....

So those appointments have taken a LOT of brainwork that I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog :( And even with the house "out of the way" (we get possession in 2 weeks) and the wedding nearly done, my internship has fallen (back) into my lap! A blessing & a tiny curse. A blessing because now I have a job again - yay! - and we won't be so broke as we were afraid of after buying the house. But a tiny curse because this means that 3 out of 5 days a week will be filled with working and not with crafting or fixing up this cute little house and discovering all the neat little places in our new town. Oh well, maybe that'll have to be saved for the weekends (like normal people).

That's the current situation in a nutshell. Do be patient with me as we get settled and I get back into a routine. :) I hope everyone else is doing well! Stay tuned for *new* projects; they are anxiously waiting to meet you.

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