Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finished!: Blue & Purple Dishcloth Set

Another one to cross off the list! Yay! See what happens when I'm gone for a while? It's like production just cranks up 10 notches to make up for lost time, hehe.

This set is for a mother I babysit who just moved into her new apartment (with her son & husband) this past June. The funny part was that went away to Brazil (her husband's native country) for all of July. The plan was to have these done as a "house-warming" present for when they returned in August.

I had most of them completed, except I ran out of purple to finish the one hotmit. So that slowed the process; and then I moved out of my apartment into boxed-living for a month (which is a whole 'nother story). But then I dug them back out a few weeks ago & I couldn't believe how quickly they whipped up!

I'm excited to present them to her later this week :)

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