Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homemade Christmas

I've never been that excited for Christmas the last couple of years because it's always snuck up on me and I was always too busy to really get prepared for the holiday.  I didn't have time to decorate or go shopping for all my loved ones & made me irritated for holiday season (which I hated, and made me even more upset).  And then working in retail where Christmas comes before Halloween, I *really* hated the holiday season.

So imagine my surprise when I find myself starting to think about what I want to bake for Christmas Eve dinner at my grandfather's house.  Or how I want to decorate the mantel (because we have a house now!).  Maybe it's a combination of our first Christmas married, and our first Christmas in our new house & my not working in retail anymore.  I even find myself thinking about Christmas decorating and it's not even Thanksgiving yet!  Yikes!  I used to hate when people would do that before Thanksgiving and now I'm one of them! haha.

So in the spirit of preparing & getting excited for the holidays this year, I thought it'd be fun to dream a little about what a homemade Christmas would look like in our new home this year.

This year I want to focus on making some Garlands...

The paper garlands would be fun projects to do when babysitting.

lots of Ornaments...
(both made by my husband and I if we can organize an afternoon to do some crafting :) and I'm sure the kids I babysit would love to make some ornaments with me)

 Painted ornaments (Local Craftstores have these ornaments kits)


Can you believe these are crocheted?
Where do I find a pattern to do this.  These make awesome Christmas gifts, too.

Ornaments made from origami.
Now I have another reason to hang out with my dad. 
I don't know how I could replicate these, but I just
LOVE the colors!  If I went with tradition ornaments, this is what I'd get.

This would go well with that silver tree skirt (below).

My favorite, traditional & simple wreath.

(I've been wanting to knit our own but with all the gifts I still have to make, I doubt I'll have enough time to get them completed for this Christmas.  Maybe next year)

I'm a sucker for the traditional with only a touch of new.

and since both my husband and I are really excited to have a real Christmas tree, we'll need a tree skirt of course!

This tradition red & white skirt is what I had envisioned.

I didn't even think about knitting or crocheting one.

This one would be very sophisticated
for those holiday parties.
What are you planning for the holidays?  Or are you too busy like I used to be in the past years?


  1. love all ur ideas always wanted a hoemade christmas like the waltons the ornaments you like they used to sell kits in michaels or ac moore withe yhe beads and lace and the balls

  2. How lovely! Thank you for including my stocking! Yes, it is hard to find traditional stockings. They are all so mod or garish right now. :) I LOVE that ruffled tree skirt! So pretty.

    We have a ton of those crocheted snowflake ornaments. They are gorgeous on the tree. I bet you could find a pattern for them on Ravelry. Are you on there? We are! Add us as a friend if you want. Our user name is sisterlylove.

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks SisterlyLove! I am on Ravelry, though I don't use it enough; maybe you'll be my nudge to get on there more.
    Thanks for stopping by & for your support :)