Thursday, November 17, 2011


While warming up my water for some Chai Tea last night I decide to unload the dish-dryer because my favorite mug is buried at the bottom and in doing so a thought wandered by: What else do we do to consolidate time?

For example, I'm always doing some sort of craft (knit, crochet, sewing, braiding, collaging, stamping...) while watching TV.  The biggest thing there is I can't stand wasting time if I could be doing something productive.  Or I listen to a podcast like This American Life while I wash the dishes.

So this got me thinking: What else do I multitask?
- Laundry while at home doing other chores around the house (like dishes or cleaning).  I set a timer on my phone or the microwave to alert me when an hour is up (which is the general running time of a load of laundry).
* Then I fold the laundry while watching a movie.  Makes it more enjoyable :)
- Normally I tidy up the kitchen while my coffee brews.
- Read blog updates or my email while videos render (or digitize) at work.
- Write Thank-You notes whenever I have a little downtime on the road (driving my gentleman, babysitting, doctor's office).  Once I'm done with wedding Thank-You's I'll go back to knitting, reading torn-out magazine articles or maybe a novel again :)
- I don't know if this counts as multitasking, but it does save a lot of wasted time: I keep a running list of all the errands I have to run (drop something off, returns/exchanges at a store, purchases, pick-ups) and tack them on to an appointment that I have near the same area.  So if I have to drive to the North end of town, I bring all my items for errands in that part of town and map out the least-back-tracking route.  (Maybe this is a little OCD but I feel so accomplished at the end of the day when it only took a few extra minutes to add these errands onto the drive to or from an appointment).

What do you multitask?  Any suggestions for me?  I'd love to hear them :)


  1. I think you're one of the most time-efficient people I know. :P

  2. Hello Friend!
    This is Aimee from The Three Spinsters.
    I wanted to drop by and thank you for the kind comments you left us! As to sharing my post on your blog, Of course you may! I feel very honored. :)
    I must confess, I use no stationary.. Though I have several. I find that the simple, unromantic, blue striped paper suits me best. But that does not mean I purposefully make it ugly. The pages of the letter sometimes have little drawings to accompany the words and I always wrap an extra piece of blank paper around the folded pages and tie it with a colorful yarn or ribbon. I slip in a little surprise paper butterfly or pressed flower or sometimes a dainty crocheted flower or anything I happen to have on hand at the moment. ;) As for an envelope I use these (here goes some shameless advertizing! tee hee hee!) Beautiful envelopes my sister makes out of recycled fashion magazines:
    They truly complement any style of letter. :)
    I have a desk that is the Bees Knees. But Alas! I do most of my writing outside in the fresh air or, in the winter, next to our cozy wood stove. :)
    I thank you for your kind words and beg your pardon for having took so much room on your comment spot. You have inspired me to post some photos of my silly makeshift stationary and the desk which could inspire almost anyone to write a letter on. I thank you for it! Ay, everyone's in need of a little inspiration now and again. ;)

  3. @Aimee- I know what you mean about using lined paper-it seems to be my preferred method as well, because I don't end up with slanted lines, hehe. What a cute idea (to include little surprises)! I have not been much of a doodler since middle school, though I wish I had nurtured the habit.
    I LOVE your sister's recycled envelopes, how cute! :)
    No need to apologize, I love reading comments. Let's me know there's someone else out there in cyberspace :) Glad I could help inspire. I'll be watching to see what your desk looks like. Maybe even your favorite spots to write? Happy weekend!