Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy Again, I Guess

Though I haven't stopped crafting, happily.  We had a little open house over the weekend to show off our new home to nearby family & friends so that ate up most of our weekend.  Though Sunday I was able to steal a little time to watch BBC's Pride & Prejudice and work on some knitted slippers.
Image is taken from the book cover.

I've been needing some since my last pair had to be thrown out.  I had worn holes through to the floor :(  So far I have the first cable knitted up and am currently working on the body.  Then I'll have one more cable to knit up before I can try felting the pieces.  As I continued to read the pattern (after starting), I realize it is a little more involved than just knitting, which I would have preferred.  But I suppose I will finally try felting now!  I'll keep you posted as to how it turns out.

Other than that, I have a few gifts on my list to start, but most I do not have the yarn yet or haven't found the right combinations.  I'm still on a yarn-diet so I hate to buy new colors when I still have so many baskets full of yarn.  Hopefully I can get those gifts started this week as we only have a couple left before Christmas.  :)


  1. You can always come yarn shopping with me and it can be your Christmas present. ;)

  2. I would LOVE that ;) When do you want to make a date? I've missed you!

  3. Those slippers are so great! Can't wait to see your version of them!