Monday, December 19, 2011

First Time Felting

Finally on to step 2.  Felting the slippers.  

.... in a bucket in the sink.  I tried the washing machine but it didn't seem long enough (though that's my fault for putting it on short cycle after reading that it's not supposed to take very long "so be vigilant" pretty much).

And since the trick is in friction, it was rub scrub rub.  Then rinse in cold water to stop the felting process.  Squeeze out excess water (don't wring-out).  It's pretty cool to watch the process happen.

Last night they hung dry & hopefully on to step 3 later this week.  I'm a little nervous about the "body" fabric not felting enough but my arms were tired and, through the suds, it looked like it was.... good enough.... :-]  Let's hope it works *cross fingers*

1 comment:

  1. That's so funny that you are felting! I was JUST googling that for either nursing pads or diaper covers, but I was going to look for old wool sweaters! Your is much neater!
    I was excited to see the head band I liked sold for you! They are really neat!