Thursday, December 15, 2011

Organizing the Inventory

Well, I don't really have that much, like it would seem a lot of shops have on etsy.  But it sure is enough to take up space and need an organized home of its own.

I mentioned the new little corner, and after I organized that, I went on to take inventory of what I had from the previous winter before I started listing more things in the shop.  Well, I realized with a lot of similar colored dishcloths, I couldn't always remember which went with which listing.

So I came up with this fun idea the week before Thanksgiving.  Even though it's not very unique in its "tag-the-item-with-info" way, it is unique for me because I rarely ever tag an item.  If anything, I usually post a sign that says, "All 'x' is $x" and leave it at that.  So this was kind of fun to tag each item with their name and a safety pin.

Ok, I'll stop my geekiness now before everyone runs away.  Just wanted to share a fun little way to organize the inventory in case anyone else was looking for a quick & cheap idea.

Happy Holidays!

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