Monday, December 26, 2011


I know this is supposed to be about knitting & sometimes crocheting, but I just HAD to mention this blog.  This last month I've started really thinking about picking up sewing again.  True, I only ever did VERY simple patterns in high school, but the magic that is sewing your own clothes would be very fun to experience again.  Plus, it would help me get closer to my goal of having all my clothes made by *me*.

Here is what I've bookmarked from her blog for future reference:
The first being Pattern Cutting 101.  I don't think I've really paid attention to cutting patterns since I was learning from a friend back in high school.  Shame on me.

This post is about putting pockets in a circle skirt, a skill I never learned.  But she is so straightforward and illustrates the steps so well (and on such a simple skirt that I want to make anyway...) I feel like I could finally learn this.

What an adorable dress!  I wish she mentioned the pattern in this post.  I could see it being a very cute adult pattern too...

Ah-ha! So this is where she gets all her darling patterns.  I must try this sometime.  And etsy of course.  :)

Now to find the little nuggets of time to try these things. .... and the materials, I suppose :)

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