Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snail Mail Anyone?

Soon after discovering this cute shop over at lieslmade, I came across a sister blog of theirs and this deeply inspiring post.
Writing a letter on paper with a special writing desk & lots of windows.

I don't know why, but this picture really touch me in their post on letter writing.

A proper letter format.

I found this quote (originally posted on TheThreeSpinster's blog) to be the most inspiring in my resolve to start writing real letter more often.

Start with addressing and stampingthe envelope.‘What! Before writing the letter?’ 
Most certainly. And I’ll tell you what will happen if you don’t. You will go onwriting till the last moment, and just in the middle of the last sentence, you will become aware that ‘time’s up!’ Then comes the hurried wind-up – the wildly-scrawled signature – the hastily-fastened envelope, which comes open in the post – the address, a mere hieroglyphic – the horrible discovery that you’ve forgotten to replenish your Stamp-Case – the frantic appeal, to everyone in the house, to lendyou a stamp – the headlong rush to thePost Office, arriving, hot andgasping, just after the box has closed – and finally, a week afterwards, the returnof the Letter from the Dead-LetterOffice, marked ‘address illegible.’!” ~Lewis Carroll 

Sarah Nielsen over at Book Bound Bindery also wrote about the Forgotten Art.  I had no idea so many people were so passionate about it on the blogs I read.  Or rather, I guess on the blogs that I've stumbled upon this last month.  What inspiration I keep finding; I love it!

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