Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Itch for the Hook

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I'm currently working on a tutorial for my Pink & White Swirl Scarf.

And getting an itch to pick up my hook again.  Maybe a granny-square afghan is in my near future like this one?

While the hook's in my hand, maybe I'll try making these flowers.  Debbie would like to see them as optional headband additions.

Other things I'm daydreaming about:
Could this make a good scarf?  Or maybe just take the plunge and make it as a seasonal afghan.

... or 2012 Christmas gift?

Now that I'm obsessed with wearing scarves like this, maybe I should learn to make a few to add to my small collection?

What things are filling your thoughts today?


  1. Beautiful projects!
    Thoughts filling my day:
    Health: Online Vita Cost order...need vitamins!!
    Music: Quartet practice today.
    Clean: Downstairs and my room. Create: Started a new knitting project yesterday. A summer frock! Wishing I could just do that today...


  2. Quartet practice sounds like fun! I miss playing the piano at my parents' house. Can't wait to see your new knitting project; I hope you'll post about it :)

  3. Oh love the snowflakes and please do the flowers

  4. Have you ever made any of the little dress]s that fit over a dish soap bottle ??? Many of the Amish have them ,Mine is real ugly and old,If you ever get the time ,I would Buy one off of you :) today I did a little shopping :) hee hee

  5. I've never heard or seen a dishsoap bottle dress. I'll have to google images for it. If you come across an example that you really like, I'd love to see it :)

    Debbie - I tried my hand at granny squares this afternoon and if flowers are anything like it, I see lots of flowers for the future....