Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Do's & Don'ts

A little round up of some Do's & Don'ts lists I stumbled upon in my blog reading yesterday.  

This blog introduced me to The Don'ts for Women on Bicycles (circa 1895) and in turn, opened the door to the rest of these lists....

& The Do's & Don'ts of Photography, which have plenty of inspiration for me.  I want to challenge myself more in my photography as well as my subject matter (or at least how I see it).  These "rules" are my favorites for future attempting & inspiration:
The Do’s
  • Do something old in a new way
  • Do something new in an old way
  • Do something new in a new way, Whatever works… works
  • Do it sharp, if you can’t, call it art
  • Do fifty of them — you will definitely get a show
  • Do it big, if you cant do it big, do it red 
  • Look at everything — stare   
 The Don’ts
  • Don’t do it about yourself — or your friend — or your family
  • Don’t dare photograph yourself nude
  • Don’t look at old family albums
  • Don’t hand color it
  • Don’t write on it
 *but I have to argue that I would DEFINITELY try hand coloring it (I love this look in old photo albums), writing on it (simply because that might look interesting, plus the depth is fun), & I LOVE looking at old family albums (which seems like it would be good inspiration for the first two "Do's").

These articles got my head buzzing with deeper, critical thoughts than what I get to enjoy on most days.  How about you?  Have you discovered something today?  Did any of these articles get your creative mind spinning?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! These are awesome!
    I love the bicycling "don'ts". The Woman's Heart is funny too. =]
    Great post! Very 'mind spinning'. Definitely makes me want to go take some pictures and search out more items of interest. =] Thanks for the great post!