Monday, January 2, 2012

Giveaway Week 1

Since picking up the needles to make an ear warmer for a friend of mine, the addiction has seized me once again.  I can't stop!  Earwarmer headbands are too much fun to make & I fear what could happen if I don't keep them moving on.

Rose Pink
My solution?  A giveaway!

And since they've gathered quite a bit of love in the shop, I figured I could give away a small handful instead of just one or two.  :]

Mustard Yellow
I was thinking one winner a week; or four total.  And even though I had many more than four ready when I planned this, my supplies have dipped just below that number due to a Christmas Eve purchase that I wasn't expecting.

Dark, multicolor

So for the first week, the winner will have 3 choices (pictured above) and then next week I'll add another option to the mix.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post about something you'd like to see listed in the shop and/or which earwarmer you would preferred to win.  For another entry, please like my Facebook page and let me know in your comment.
Week One will end Saturday, Jan. 7 at midnight.  A winner will be chosen at random & notified on Sunday the 8th.  I will need to hear back by the end of the day in order to ship it out on Monday.  Otherwise I'll pick a new winner.  Week 2 will begin Monday, Jan. 9 with a new post.  If you didn't win the previous week's, you can enter the following week's giveaway.

Good luck!


  1. you're so talented Annie! I love these! :)

  2. I LOVE these Annie!
    I like the multi color one! Even my 9 year old said OOOO I like, that's saying a lot these days :O)

    I loved the tan one you already sold too!

    I like you on fb too!
    Kim on xanga

  3. Wow those are really cool, I especially like the multi colored one :) I am headed to fb to like you there also.

  4. by the way, Charis Baby Designs sent me to you :)

  5. I love these! Pick me! Pick me! ;)

  6. I would love to see Pot scrubbers
    I know some people knit them ,never bought any but would If You sold them!ooh by the way I love .love my toilet paper cover you made me! and the dish rags! they are so durable

  7. Mm! I love the rose pink one!!

    Love to see more fingerless gloves. Those yellow ones are so pretty!


  8. I love the rose pink one :)

    Placemats would be an awesome addition to your shop!

  9. I would LOVE BLUE ear warmers!

  10. Seeing all your products makes me wish I would have learn from my mom how to crochet. You already know I like the ear warmers! I think it would be cute if you could add a flower or a "lace" ruffled type edge to these. I like the rose pink and the multicolored!! I also liked your facebook page.

    Lisa King

  11. There. I commented. I entered. :p

    PS - I need to stop by soon and drop off the dish I brought home the cake from Dan's bday in. Mom was supposed to take it with your Christmas presents and forgot. lol

  12. these are so cute!!! when did you start making these?

  13. I thought I entered yesterday but maybe I did something wrong because I don't see my post here lol Anyways, I saw your post in the Northwest Ohio teams page on Etsy. I really like the pink one! My favorite item in your store is the pink & white scarf. I liked your page on Facebook too.

  14. Please enter me for the yellow one!!! I ♥ it! :)
    +"liked" on Facebook

    -Jenny Gorkowski Klear

  15. All of these are beautiful! I especially love the mustard yellow pattern!