Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Shells

Can you guess what this is?

It's a beanie!

I started it on the drive back to Toledo (from Chicago).  I had all my granny squares completed, minus a few I saved to do when I have the proper picture-shooting conditions, and couldn't get enough of the shell stitch, so I started this little delight.

Isn't she cute?  Perfect for spring weather, I'm hoping.   It never really froze here, so in my mind spring should be *just around the corner* ;-)  But knowing Toledo, it won't show its face until the end of May for a week; then Summer will bully in.

Anyway, back to this cute beanie.  I finished it off Monday afternoon and....

... decided to start another one (because white was all I had with me and I was still a few hours from home).  hehe.
**update**  She is now available for purchase in the shop.

Now my brain is swirling with other fun little things to make with this shell stitch.  ... hehe....

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