Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finished Mittens


Yay!  Finished on time :]

It is definitely a small surprise for me, as I kept having to rip out half my work every couple of days, I wasn't sure if I would have *one* mitten done by the 8th.

And now I have *both* mittens done & ready to be worn a day early!

I took quite a few liberties with the Lithuanian mitten pattern I found in the Ultimate Mittens book I borrowed from the library.  For whatever reason (and most-likely because I was using needles 2 sizes too big) the mittens kept coming out way too large for my hands so I started tweaking with the numbers.

I thought I would include my notes for any others interested in trying this revised pattern.  Please note I DO NOT own this pattern & reserve all rights to the owners of the book.

Lithuanian Mittens, Revised
With size 3, double point needles, CO 39, splitting them 15, 12, 12.

*K2 P1, repeat, for 19 rows.

P around one row.

Begin new pattern: *K2, P1 for 2 rows; P around for 1 row.  Repeat from *

For every row that starts with K2, increase one stitch.  For example: Row 1 - K1 make 1 K1 P1, *K2 P1, repeat from *.
Row 2 - K1 make 1 K2 P1, *K2 P1, repeat from *
Row 3 - P all
Row 4 - 10 repeats Rows 1-3 until there are 8 knit stitches between the P stitches.

Row 11 - 22 *K2 P1 for 2 rows, P one row; repeat from *.  Ending Row 22 with a P row.
There should be 8 Purl rows or the length needed to reach your lowest thumb knuckle.

Slip these 10 stitches (1 P, 8 K, 1 P) onto a stitch holder.

CO 4 stitches on to finished-stitches needle.  Continue working, P1 *K2 P1 & continue in pattern [Row 1 & 2: K2 P1; Row 3: P] until it reaches 7 P rows above the thumb hole or your second finger knuckle.

Decrease every first K row.  SSK, P1 *K2 P1 for 15 stitches.  K2tog P1.  SSK. P1 *K2 P1 for 15 stitches.  K2tog P1.
Continue regular pattern for rows 2 & 3 until there are 16 stitches remaining.  Kitchener stitch the top closed.

Slip the holding 10 stitches onto one double point needle.  Pick up 9 stitches around top of thumb hole.

K around for 2 rows, P third row.  Repeat for 6 rows or until length splits knuckle distance.

*Row 7: SSK, K around to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.
Row 8: K row
Row 9: P row
Repeat from * until 11 stitches remain.  Kitchener stitch closed.

Weave in ends & model :]

And displayed with thumbs in the center, per a Lithuanian quirk.

*My favorite part of the whole process is discovering this new pattern.  Try making a swatch and feeling the little nubby pattern yourself.  Amazingly fun!


  1. Wow! They are so fabulous! I love them. Thanks for the pattern notes as well. I've been wanting to try mittens.


  2. You did a wonderful job - thanks so much for joining in!!

  3. @Luvinthemommyhood - Thanks! I can't wait to do another one :]

  4. These are such pretty mittens! Great job with your tweaks.