Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Future Projects on My Wish List

Striped Tunic Dress

This [seamless!] pattern is for sale on Etsy!

Speaking of dresses [& my new love of granny-squares]....


... wouldn't this be a cute summer dress?

And the little feminine, hem details in this dress....


Definitely have to try making this hat in my size.
This might be another great way to use up scraps...

Scrap Crochet Shrug

Crocheted cotton collars

Really pretty collar

Hmm... this may be the most feminine I've ever considered looking..... I wonder if Dowton Abbey is having an effect on me....  anyone else caught under this show's spell?


  1. dear annie i love the ear warmer as i went to the doctors yesterday it defint, kept my ears warm who needs to be gettin sicker

  2. Those projects look so divine! I love the collars. My sister Aimee crochets colors and things. Right now she is making a yoke for a shirt out of yellow crocheted flowers! It's going to be beautiful!

    Thanks for the inspiration as usual!

  3. **fixed all the links; so sorry about that!