Friday, February 24, 2012

It May Be Classified as an Addiction at this Point... ear warmer knitting that is.

I think the discovery of Downton Abbey pushed it to an obsession.

I wonder if this show will bring some of this fashion back into style?

So elegant & graceful

Because the show is so intense and sucks you in, I have to have something in my hands to be working my excitement out but the pattern can't be anything too complex or I mess it up in all the excitement & anticipation.

Especially last night, watching the season finale!

And since the ear warmer pattern is just that well memorized for me, I am able to crank out at least one if not two ear warmers per episode! [Though it is more like one and half per episode].

Yeah.... this is some of the *damage* of that.

Now if only I enjoyed sewing buttons as much (and as quickly) as I do the knitting part..... [because that is all that holds them back from the shop].

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  1. They are beautiful! Love all the colors! Good luck with the buttons! :)If I was there I'd do it for you.