Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Embroidered Curtains: Back on the Wagon

Husband & I bought white curtains at Target late last year with every intention of my embroidering them to look somewhat like World Market's (and while we were still in the decorate-our-first-home-frenzy).  After the holidays ended and the dreary, unseasonably mild winter set in, I started seriously doubting my ability to sit down and complete this undertaking of mine.  *Seriously doubting*.

Until my husband and I paid a visit to our neighbor a at the beginning of March.  It didn't start out as a crafting venture; nor was I expecting to find inspiration - but isn't that how it always happens?  Finding the most fuel for inspiration without every looking for it?

The next day, with a resolve to at least try a little, small kit, I came across a bag of 5 little embroidery kits at our local Salvation Army for $2.  I couldn't not try it at that price, I figured.  And since I was driving my gentleman around for the afternoon (and with nothing else in my "bag of tricks" purse), I set to reading the instructions & organizing the threads.  I didn't expect to begin (as I didn't have a hoop with me), but there was nothing else to do.  So I did!

And I couldn't believe how easy it was!  The instructions lead me step by step, where to begin, what stitches to use - with illustrated instructions for each stitch on the back!  This was my favorite discovery, and what kept my interest, "I can't wait to try stitch 'x'," etc.

This little kit gave me the biggest motivational kick I needed to hop back on the wagon with those curtains.  :]  Now I just need to get back to it & master those basic stitches a little better so I can start those curtains.....

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