Thursday, March 8, 2012

A New Challenge & Project: Embroidered Curtains

My husband and I came across these curtains at World Market back in July, a month before we had even put an offer a house (so why are we going to buy curtains when we don't have a house to hang them in, right?).  Well, it turns out we can't get these curtains out of our head.  And I couldn't choke down the idea of paying $35/a panel when we needed 4 panels for the living room, so I decided to embroider them myself.  A fun challenge, right?  I've always wished I could embroider like every other "proper" lady anyway, so why not finally take the plunge? -- (all of this was decided late October/ early November 2011 - well before I had even picked up embroidery for the first time).

The last time I cross-stitched I was 9 years old in Alberta, Canada for a family vacation and my dad was teaching me the craft (he's a surgeon and needle-points & cross-stitches as a hobby).  So I thought it was high-time I resurrected this talent.

My designs, drawn with crayon on printer paper while babysitting late last year:

While searching for patterns (because who knew it was so hard to come up with your own pattern, not to mention the color combinations because we want to have about 5 or 6 colors present in these curtains; they are to be the focal point and jumping-off point for the rest of the living room), I came across Design*Sponge's entry about doing just this!  I'm glad I'm not too crazy in my undertaking, but she doesn't embroider the whole curtain... so we'll see how far I get as a novice.  ;)

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  1. Your designs look really great! Good luck with your curtains. We have no curtains in our house yet. They seem like a tricky thing to pick out.

    I love that your dad does needle point and cross stitch. It makes sense with his profession!