Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out Takes

I'm not usually one to post out-takes of my "photo shoots," especially when they involve my face, but some of these turned out so cute, I couldn't resist sharing in some way.  I hope you won't mind a narcissistic post just this once.

Getting a detail shot...

"Did I get it in the frame?"....

This is what my arm looked like after getting all those ear warmers photographed.  They each have a pair, too.  Are you ready to pick out your favorite? ;)

If you enjoyed this post, let me know if I should do more like it. 


  1. Yes! Do more! Love it. Look at all those lovely colors! Love the first photo and your heart earrings!


  2. Thanks Genevieve :) I was experimenting with adding text in Preview (a painfully simple photo program that I use to do basic editing). I'll keep this in mind for future "out takes". Glad you liked it!