Monday, April 30, 2012

Yarn Along

Originally I hadn't planned to join this yarn along because I'm missing one of the two main requirements: a current-reading material.  But then I realized, or maybe, just being honest with myself, I have done a lot of reading:

Sadly, the only thing I really read between scripts at work & magazines or newspapers from the Gentleman I drive, is the ads for my latest craze;

some might call it a beginner's version of "extreme" couponing -- but I say I still have a lot to learn.

And I don't want anyone to think this blog is going to become about couponing -- thus my hesitation to post anything about couponing or to admit that I've doing a lot of it lately... -- but I thought it would be kind of humorous to share & it would make a fun twist on the read/yarn along.

Happy yarning!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the Show

I remembered pictures! :]  And I'm happy to report it was a great learning experience.  Now that my first show is "out of the way" and I have all this new "knowledge," I hope I can make my next show ten times better.  If anyone sees anything worth improving, changing, etc, please please please let me know in the comment section.  I am a collaborative person so it helps to have others whom I can bounce ideas off of.

I love how my clothesline display of dishcloths turned out.

My husband helped me set up the table and he surprised me with his cute (don't tell him I said that) ways to display the different items.

He made circles with the earwarmers and laid out the coasters in different "square" patterns.  I really liked the ear warmer circles.  Anyone else have a preference?

The whole spread

I need to find a good way to display the beanie hats, the scarves & the baby blankets.  I used an old suitcase to hold them this time; plus it doubles for carrying things in ;)

Dishwasher magnets & pricing
Even though it wasn't what I had in mind, I'm very proud that I was able to free-hand "knittedhome" on the board the same way it is printed on my business cards.

Notes for future shows:
  • smaller magnet board for magnets with table-top easel
  • display prices with items on table (?)
  • display scarves hanging?
  • need to find a creative way to display hats & blankets

    Friday, April 13, 2012

    A Red & Blue Hat

    I have to say this is one of those I-had-no-idea-what-I-was-making-but-I-was-inspired moments when it came to this cute little beanie.  And even better?  It was a BOYS' hat!!

    What's so great about that?  How many boys' beanies do you stop and "awww" over?  ;)  That's what I thought.

    His Spider man shirt & pajamas inspired me to use a familiar color palate (he's two) and after digging through my bag...

    ...I discovered I had JUST the perfect, *primary* colors.

    psst - Have you heard about the show this weekend?

    *ps - this is my first time using Instagram to edit ON my phone, phone-captured pictures.  Sorry they aren't the best quality but I will be working on their improvement.  Thanks for your patience :)

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    First Show!

    I would have mentioned it sooner, but it just all happened this week!  Sweet Addictions messaged me on facebook about her upcoming show and mentioned that knit/crochet might be in the minority at this event and they were still looking for vendors.  Even though I was very nervous & a bit hesitant to jump head-first into my first show, VERY unprepared, ...I'm hoping it's more of a "trial-and-error equals improvement" result rather than "first impressions can make or break you,".....

    Here's hoping it's the former and not the latter.

    So if you're in the Toledo or Greater Toledo area this weekend, I'd LOVE for everyone to stop out and show your support!  It's free to get in, come do some shopping for fun and/or for Mother's Day.  And feel free to drop off a few suggestions if you have any ;)

    I hope to be back with more soon!

    Monday, April 9, 2012

    Happy Easter!

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter with lots of food, family & relaxation :)  I had too much fun and forgot to take any pictures all day!  But I'm happy to report I got to spend time with both my mother's and father's families, ate WAAAYYY too much good food and finished it off with a nice long nap & dinner with my siblings before they returned to their respective cities.  If only the holiday could have lasted a tad longer.
    How about everyone else?

    Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    Embroidered Curtains: Back on the Wagon

    Husband & I bought white curtains at Target late last year with every intention of my embroidering them to look somewhat like World Market's (and while we were still in the decorate-our-first-home-frenzy).  After the holidays ended and the dreary, unseasonably mild winter set in, I started seriously doubting my ability to sit down and complete this undertaking of mine.  *Seriously doubting*.

    Until my husband and I paid a visit to our neighbor a at the beginning of March.  It didn't start out as a crafting venture; nor was I expecting to find inspiration - but isn't that how it always happens?  Finding the most fuel for inspiration without every looking for it?

    The next day, with a resolve to at least try a little, small kit, I came across a bag of 5 little embroidery kits at our local Salvation Army for $2.  I couldn't not try it at that price, I figured.  And since I was driving my gentleman around for the afternoon (and with nothing else in my "bag of tricks" purse), I set to reading the instructions & organizing the threads.  I didn't expect to begin (as I didn't have a hoop with me), but there was nothing else to do.  So I did!

    And I couldn't believe how easy it was!  The instructions lead me step by step, where to begin, what stitches to use - with illustrated instructions for each stitch on the back!  This was my favorite discovery, and what kept my interest, "I can't wait to try stitch 'x'," etc.

    This little kit gave me the biggest motivational kick I needed to hop back on the wagon with those curtains.  :]  Now I just need to get back to it & master those basic stitches a little better so I can start those curtains.....

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Sweater - DONE

    Yay!  I can finally say, after 3.5 years, that my first sweater is FINISHED!!  It took 3 years just to finish it the first time:

    On vacation in Michigan

    but when I went to try it on it was too small :(  The waist was too high, the armpits too snug, the sleeves were short but do-able and the neck....  I couldn't even fit my head through it! haha.  I think this is what I get for going with the measurements and NOT checking my gauge. ....

    So this time I checked the fit more often as I went along since I didn't write down the other sizes when I copied the pattern those years ago. ... Oops....

    After all is said, done, & tried on it still doesn't look or fit like this...

    But I guess I'm ok with that.  The only thing I would consider ripping it out a third time would be to elongate the yoke a little for the armpit's sake.  It is a bit of a tight & high-fitting in its placement, but it sure is a lot of work just to unravel all those different colors.  ;)

    *PS - Please excuse the lack of posts lately, unfortunately the new Smartphone hasn't been the great blessing I was hoping; it is more like a bigger distraction FROM productivity, :-P  And it doesn't help that it is feeling like spring & the garden has been calling my name.... hehe.  Anyone else feeling the pull from the outdoors?