Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the Show

I remembered pictures! :]  And I'm happy to report it was a great learning experience.  Now that my first show is "out of the way" and I have all this new "knowledge," I hope I can make my next show ten times better.  If anyone sees anything worth improving, changing, etc, please please please let me know in the comment section.  I am a collaborative person so it helps to have others whom I can bounce ideas off of.

I love how my clothesline display of dishcloths turned out.

My husband helped me set up the table and he surprised me with his cute (don't tell him I said that) ways to display the different items.

He made circles with the earwarmers and laid out the coasters in different "square" patterns.  I really liked the ear warmer circles.  Anyone else have a preference?

The whole spread

I need to find a good way to display the beanie hats, the scarves & the baby blankets.  I used an old suitcase to hold them this time; plus it doubles for carrying things in ;)

Dishwasher magnets & pricing
Even though it wasn't what I had in mind, I'm very proud that I was able to free-hand "knittedhome" on the board the same way it is printed on my business cards.

Notes for future shows:
  • smaller magnet board for magnets with table-top easel
  • display prices with items on table (?)
  • display scarves hanging?
  • need to find a creative way to display hats & blankets


    1. Looks so great! I especially like the headband circles and the dishcloth line!


    2. How bout maniqin headsfo anthem hats and red wagons/for the blankets

    3. Sounds like it went well! Yay! Sorry I didn't make it down there. After my run was over and Laura left, I kind of collapsed for the rest of the day.

    4. @Genevieve - Thanks :)
      @debbie - I like the wagon idea; I'll have to watch garage sales & goodwill. I've seen glass/ translucent mannequin heads only a few times but never for sale. I'll keep it in mind; thanks for your thoughts!
      @Jess - no worries :)

    5. Congrats on your first show! Everything looks great. I love the dishcloth clothes line, in particular. :)

    6. Congrats on your first show! I think your table looks wonderful--so full of knitted goodness. It's so sweet that your husband helped!

    7. those dishcloths are adorable! great job :)