Friday, April 13, 2012

A Red & Blue Hat

I have to say this is one of those I-had-no-idea-what-I-was-making-but-I-was-inspired moments when it came to this cute little beanie.  And even better?  It was a BOYS' hat!!

What's so great about that?  How many boys' beanies do you stop and "awww" over?  ;)  That's what I thought.

His Spider man shirt & pajamas inspired me to use a familiar color palate (he's two) and after digging through my bag...

...I discovered I had JUST the perfect, *primary* colors.

psst - Have you heard about the show this weekend?

*ps - this is my first time using Instagram to edit ON my phone, phone-captured pictures.  Sorry they aren't the best quality but I will be working on their improvement.  Thanks for your patience :)

1 comment:

  1. So adorable! What a fab idea! And I love it when I have the colors I want. :)
    Ooh! I love seeing you stash!
    I like the instagram pics!