Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sweater - DONE

Yay!  I can finally say, after 3.5 years, that my first sweater is FINISHED!!  It took 3 years just to finish it the first time:

On vacation in Michigan

but when I went to try it on it was too small :(  The waist was too high, the armpits too snug, the sleeves were short but do-able and the neck....  I couldn't even fit my head through it! haha.  I think this is what I get for going with the measurements and NOT checking my gauge. ....

So this time I checked the fit more often as I went along since I didn't write down the other sizes when I copied the pattern those years ago. ... Oops....

After all is said, done, & tried on it still doesn't look or fit like this...

But I guess I'm ok with that.  The only thing I would consider ripping it out a third time would be to elongate the yoke a little for the armpit's sake.  It is a bit of a tight & high-fitting in its placement, but it sure is a lot of work just to unravel all those different colors.  ;)

*PS - Please excuse the lack of posts lately, unfortunately the new Smartphone hasn't been the great blessing I was hoping; it is more like a bigger distraction FROM productivity, :-P  And it doesn't help that it is feeling like spring & the garden has been calling my name.... hehe.  Anyone else feeling the pull from the outdoors?

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