Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of June (& Parts of May) Review

Perusing Goodwill, Savers, and yard sales... Finished a good read...

...& visited the town where my Grandfather spent his childhood.

Picked a few strawberries from our plants. I'm hoping they will fill in their little patch so I can make jam next year.

Planted wax, green, and soup beans. They came up a little sparse this year. I'm thinking next year will be the year to put in a good order of fresh seeds. Only one soup bean came up out of 12. But the packet was free so it was kind of a shot in the dark if any were still viable.

Saw our first lightening bug in May this year!

Also removed our crumbling picket fence :(I'm hoping we can replace it with a similar but nicer white picket fence later this summer.

Made my first batch of jam at the end of May: strawberry.

For the next two weeks it was cherry fest at our house.

"Fixed up" the front of the yard & house for Memorial Day...



Finished my internship :(

Picked our first produce from the garden: beets!

Attempted a yard sale with a friend.

& attended a wedding to wrap up the month.


  1. Lovely post! Your front yard looks beautiful!

    mm! Those beets, strawberries and cherries look sooo good. Great to see a post from you again!


  2. Sounds like life has been pretty good! :)