Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Continuing to Harvest...

Man, 'them plants are taking over the world!

With a second crop on the way!

Homemade Ice Cream!
Ok, this didn't come from the garden.  But it's from-scratch & lots of friends helped crank & enjoy it.

The watermelons are taking over the patch behind the garage and the broccoli are all about bolted.  The tomatoes are weighing down with more tomatoes than I've ever seen (and make me nervous for future processing) and the cucumbers [started from seed] have their first handful of flowers!  I just wish the green & wax beans were doing as well.  They have too many holes to count all over the whole crop so I'm researching how to handle pest-management without chemicals.

What does everyone else's garden(s) look like?


  1. I hear ya about the squash plants. They are going crazy over here. One row is totally smothering one row of carrots and has it's sights set on smothering the lettuce row as well.

    We didn't grow and peas. Enjoy some for me!

  2. @Liesl - haha; that is exactly what is happening here; the squash has tried to smother the zucchini (so we've only had about 3 fruits TOTAL out of 3 plants!!) and is also trying to knock over the little barrier between it and the cucumbers. I have the knife ready to cut it back if it tries something daring ;)

    I do recommend peas; they were surprisingly easy to grow! Just try them in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade (they don't like hot) and LOTS of pole/trellis. I think the Telephone Pole shelling pea variety has been my favorite (out of 4) this year and I plan to grow it again next year.