Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Great Finds

While getting back on the blogging "horse," I've found quite a few great finds!

First, my header's image was missing (?!??) so I re-uploaded it only to dispair that I couldn't get it to center (really??  how hard can that be??).  About an hour or two later, I stumbled across this article with a quick copy & paste CSS that worked like magic.  Yippee!

Then I came across a Pickles cardigan, an etsy seller feature (Yay Kim!), & this beautiful starburst throw pillow while catching up on my blog reading.

And thanks to Liesl, I now have two more books [Almost Amish & A Householder's Guide to the Universe] in my library's request queue....

What are you discovering?

1 comment:

  1. I'm curious what you think of Almost Amish after you get a chance to read it. I hope you like it but sadly, I didn't. :(

    You know what book I think you'd like? Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman. It's so sweet and packed with info (and cute illustrations!)