Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby "Longies"

A peer of mine from high school asked me to make a couple pairs for her baby.  I have to start off with admitting I had no idea what these were by their name until I did a google image search

Tad-da!  They are just knit sweatpants! (+100% wool to be absorbent as soakers).

So for my first pair & experiment, I'm using Patons Classic Wool in Aran with US size 2 circular needles, 104 stitches.  I'll keep you posted on a developed pattern once I have a better idea of what I'm doing. :)

I'll be fitting these to the children I babysit since I don't have any of my own & my friend is in North Carolina, so I can't use her child, either.

Finally got passed the short rows in the bum (for bulky diapers)
& am experimenting with a kitchener-stitched crotch.

So if you have any advise, suggestions or wisdom on this kind of pattern, please leave it in the comments.


  1. They are going to be darling! I've always wanted to make some but haven't yet. Can't wait to see them finished!


  2. I'm excited to see the pattern! They look great so far. :) I'm planning to make a few soakers for my little one, but I haven't made any yet.

  3. Thanks for visiting. These are basically the same principle I worked with, and as soon as I finished them I began thinking about sweatpants made out of cashmere or something equally as lush. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but it's definitely on my some day radar so let me know how you do with it!