Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy & More Mittens

I found frost in the garden bed & on my car this morning!

I hope everyone is fairing well during this hurricane.  I count myself among one of the lucky ones; we only had high winds (up to 40 mph I believe) and are forecasted to have rain through Wednesday (starting last night).  Anyone else ready to hunker down and start living off-grid? ;)

>>Which reminds me of my husband: while we were watching the second season of The Walking Dead, he said he wasn't worried about us (if a zombie apocalypse happened) because we'd have the big farmhouse with a dairy animal, chickens, hunt meat (maybe keep a few pigs/rabbits), can from our veggie garden and make all that we need (aka, what we're working towards now!).

But today's hurricane gets you thinking about what you would do if the apocalypse happened NOW, rather than later when you're all prepared...  Anyone else?

At least our hands will be warm...

1 medium child's pair, 2 smaller child's pair,
& 1 adult pair.

Now that I've started to commit this 3-year-old's mitten pattern to memory, I've started my first color set.

"Seafoam Green"... great, bright color for kids, right?

Thanks for all the well-reception.  They will be in the shop later this week!


  1. I LOVE all your new creations! Wish I would have had your wool longies with my babies!!

  2. We have family in the south eastern corner of Michigan and they got wind (enough to knock their power out for a little while.) So yeah, if you're in Ohio, you must have gotten some of the storm too! Glad you guys weathered through fine.

    I dream of getting off the grid, zombie apocalypse or not. ;)

    My Dad is always talking about how there will be a major food shortage quicker than we think, as our climate changes and the world population explodes. So he is grateful we are growing our own food. I'd like to get a little more self-sufficient as far as seed saving goes.

    Your mittens look so lovely and warm!

  3. Those are such cozy mittens! My husband and I just finished watching the second season of Walking Dead tonight. It definitely does make you think about what ifs! I'm glad we've finished the season though, because I'd been having post-apocalyptic dreams. Scary!