Monday, January 21, 2013

Goals for 2013 - Physical Markets

Last year I started writing out goals for 2012 and accomplished one.  Maybe two (one sale per month; I didn't reach this goal specifically, but I did if you average my sales over 12 months).  

So this year, I'm taking that list and updating it for 2013.  Not much has changed, other than dreaming with a little more daring.  I've started talking to people at the Farmer's Market and friends about the craft shows they attend (if I couldn't go myself) and I've even hooked up with a fellow crafter, whom I met through my mother(!).  I intend to make her my mentor + go-to Crafter in my quest to make a small, steady income from Etsy.  But I'll save that for another post.

With these^ in mind, I've started thinking about physical markets to try in 2013.  

Farmer's Market

Thinking about my attempt last year, I'm willing to bet that my craft is limited to the cold weather season.  So with that in mind, I'm guessing I should only apply to physical markets that are held in September or later; assuming that people are starting to think about bundling up for the coming winter that early.  

Perrysburg Farmer's Market - A large, fun environment in quaint downtown Perrysburg along their main street.  I've only come across one or two handicraft booths (one being knit dishcloths, but different from my style).  Runs April to October, Thursday afternoons.

Downtown Toledo Farmer's Market - Open year-round, and with only little heaters mounted on the ceiling in the winter, I think I could make Jack Frost nipping at your nose work in my best interest.  A large, established following attend every week.  I've only seen one other knitter with her dishcloths here in the summer (different design from mine).  Other handicrafts are soap (which is my favorite), candles, and a handful of jewelry-makers.  I asked one jewelry-maker if she thought items like mine would be out of place here but she was quite confident they would be a perfect fit (thus my confidence to try this market is growing).  Saturday mornings.

Craft Shows

Maker's Mart - November 16, 2013 (I'm guessing; based on last year's date).

Baltimore Methodist Church Craft Show - October

If you have any suggestions or shows you would like to see me in, please drop me a line or leave it in the comment section below.  I'd love to hear any and all advice, too! :) 
Are you planning to do any shows this year?

Read about my goals for Etsy shop offerings here.

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