Friday, January 4, 2013

It's One of Those Days

The ones that are too-few coming in 2012 but have hit me like an Energizer-Bunny tonight :]

The beautiful productivity of constant-motivation (still going strong for over 4 hours!!).  Almost seems like one of those new 5-hour-energy commercials.  Anyway, check out all the progress!

I have photographed & drafted 6+ listings today; including a new cowl with my cousin modeling!

I will be staggering the dishcloth listings over the weekend, but you can enjoy the new cowls tonight!

My Autumn earwarmer was featured in a treasury today!

See it?  Bottom-right corner.

Did I blow up your Newsfeed today?  I apologize; some sort of creative bug grabbed hold of me this afternoon and I couldn't help feeling the need to share those stories with my followers.  Did you find any inspiration?  Or should I stop sharing others' posts/pictures and keep it to just Etsy shop-related stories?

I have more to share but I guess I ought to save some for another post and that energy is finally starting to slow (after 6+ hours!).  Anyone else excited for the new year?


  1. Keep em comin'!!! I love ALL your posts whatever they are about. I'm trying to pare down my blog list this year so I can keep up on the ones that I really like reading and yours is of course among the keepers. :)

    Wow, you are certainly on a roll! Love your fun colored dishcloths.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. I'm always happy to hear from you, so I hope you keep posting whenever the inspiration strikes.

    How exciting that you've been so productive! Don't you just love when those bursts of energy and creativity coincide? You've been knitting such pretty things, too!