Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pricing for Profit

I feel like I'm always circling around how to make my shop better, my items better, and blog more.  And with a new opportunity starting (which I'll be blogging about next), I've really dropped the ball on this blog due to the demands and re-strategizing of my time.  I'm hoping I'll settle into a new routine soon that will include regular blogging.

But until then, I just had to share this inspirational (and my new favorite) video seminar I just finished.  Thank you Etsy :)

etsy on Broadcast Live Free

Update 4/30/15: A friend of mine shared this article by an Ebay quilt seller on her pricing strategy using PERCENTAGES of her time + materials instead of paying herself an hourly wage.  I found this to be a worthwhile read + proceeded to implement her formulas in a Google spreadsheet of my own.  
**I'm sharing my pricing formula so as to be more transparent as a seller + to educate my customers into what is included in the price asked.  Please respect this vulnerability + comment tactfully.

Update 5/2/15: Pricing Like a Pro - with a worksheet to accompany you as they work your pricing strategy through a trial + error exercise.

How do you price your items for sale?  Please share any links in the comments below.

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  1. Well, I hope you can get to regular blogging too because I very much enjoy your posts and creations. ;)

    I'm very interested to watch this video but I have to bookmark it for later.

    Hope these new ventures and plans of yours pan out!