Friday, April 19, 2013

Garden 2013 Begins

Last Friday I finally started some seeds (pictured) and planted one of our raised beds with beets, kohlrabi, kale and spinach.  Although it was a chilly 45* degrees and I'm sure I was a sight planting seeds in my winter coat, all four seed packets insisted I can plant "as soon as the ground can be worked."  So that's what I did. 

Here's hoping they grow and no bunnies or deer or robins get to them before me.  :)

Pictured is a hand-me-down from my father.  But this is what I'll get next year:
Quick Start Germination Tray with 2" Dome

Seeds started: 4 rhubarb, 4 butternut squash, 4 bell peppers, 4 yellow crook-neck squash, 8 broccoli.

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  1. It's such an exciting time, these early days. So much hope. And yes, stay away critters! We lots almost all of our berries last year due to birds and squirrels---there is talk of building a cage around the berries.
    Happy growing, Annie! :)

  2. I missed this post~ But that looks fun, can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!!
    We are growing some plants this year on our boat, it lifts my mood to watch something grow, I always miss land more this time of year when everyone else is planting their gardens~