Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flower Weekend at the Market

Being a big fan of Homestead Soaps , I was approached by Lori to make a few soap savers to offer her customers and I jumped at the opportunity.  She has such a wealth of knowledge, I am incredibly honored to get to work with her and hopefully learn a thing or two about selling in person (vs. online).

Fast forward three weeks to Memorial Weekend, it is Flower Weekend at the Downtown Toledo Farmer's Market.  I joined Lori at her table Saturday and sold seven soap savers on the first day!  Sunday, nothing sold (I wonder if it was a completely different clientele?) and Monday three more sold (yay!).

This Thursday she also sells at the Perrysburg Market so we'll see how they do with a different group of people.  Any suggestions?

Next, I need to get a few listed online.  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend :)


  1. I tend to use liquid soap but ideally I prefer the classic soap bar. These look lovely. Congrats on the sales.

  2. @Liesl - you should try some of her soap! It has such a fabulous lather! Her website is fromthehomestead.com