Monday, July 29, 2013

Newborn No Scratch Mittens

I have to say I am now obsessed with knitting these little no-scratch mittens, thanks to Field*Wonderful.  And now that a good friend of mine has a newborn, I have a model for my baby items!

So far I have used up one whole skein of this blue & brown variegated baby yarn and made 8 pairs...

1 month old Charlotte models my first batch of mittens

And now I am working on some pink & yellow variegated mittens for the little girls on Etsy.

Both are soon to debut on Etsy this week!  They are now available on Etsy!  Any favorites so far?  I have another blue & baby blue striped skein that's just waiting to be made into more baby socks and no-scratch mittens.  Maybe I'll even do little caps to make some sets. :)  

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Coaster Design

I don't know what made me decide to try a double instead of a single crochet, but I have to say I am now smitten with this new look.  Plus they whip up much much quicker than the single crocheted coasters!

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This just happened to be the color that I had on hand while babysitting,

but after I made a whole set (of 4), I switched out to another new color that I am starting to love and made another 4 piece set:

I can't wait to display these for the August Art Walk.  Anyone else in love with these?

Monday, July 15, 2013

July Art Walk

Well, the July Art Walk was definitely fun and I'm so glad I did it with a friend.  I think it takes a lot of the nervousness out of doing something new because you can encourage each other.  And we definitely learned a lot about selling our crafts as well as hosting a physical space.  We took notes and have already started discussing what we'll improve on for next month's event.

One of the best things I learn from hosting a physical space, is seeing what others touch and what they say about my items.  I've had suggestions for wine cozies due to a woman's cooing over Longies and a washcloth mitten from a soap saver.  

I always try to note what people purchase and what colors.  I haven't been able to really find a pattern yet to predict what will sell, but at least I know what to make more of.  This time: one yellow/white soap saver, one set of blue/green hot mits, and one grey and brown thick crocheted hat.

I sold the bottom-right grey/brown hat.

I've also learned what items' inventory I need to bulk up.  Namely: hot mits, baby socks, coaster sets, and now No Scratch baby mittens (a new obsession thanks to Field Wonderful).

Coaster sets in a hanging fruit basket.
I think setting up a physical space increases my creativity in how to display my items and what goes with what.  I did get a couple compliments on my clothesline which I thought was appropriate for things that might be hung on a line.  :)

My half of the tent.  I joined up with Thistle & Bees.
Crochet braceletes

I also offered a free bracelete to anyone who mentioned seeing my posts on Facebook but I didn't have any takers.  I did get one on Instagram, though!  My cousin from Georgia will be getting a few in the mail in a few days.  :)

So that what July's Art Walk.  A fun time with good friends.  We had many friends & family members stop out and support us which was GREATLY appreciated!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Blanket and a Trip to Bristol, RI

I did it!  I finished an adult lap blanket it ONE WEEK!!

Here I had only just started the pattern the Thursday before July 4.  Aren't the colors fun? :)  

I brought this blanket with me on our mini vacation to Bristol, Rhode Island to visit a former roommate and experience the longest celebration of Independence Day.  During the 4 and a half hour long parade I accomplished an entire segment (yellow, green, variegated, pink, and back to yellow)!  Yes, I did get quite a few "compliments" on my "knitting,"  i.e. "Isn't it a bit too hot to be knitting?" one soldier joked.  Why yes sir, it is merely 88* in the sunshine, but that is why I am not keeping it on my lap, but next to me.  :)  
It was a wonderful day of amazing period costumes and many military veterans along with local business owners and organizations' floats.

I can't believe I get to say it is already complete but I do and what makes it even better is I get to display it for the Toledo Art Walk that I am participating in tomorrow!  If you are in the area, I hope you'll stop by and say hello.  :)

I have a few other new goodies that are awaiting their close-up, like a few braceletes and soap savers, and I hope to post about them soon.

Happy Fourth!