Monday, July 29, 2013

Newborn No Scratch Mittens

I have to say I am now obsessed with knitting these little no-scratch mittens, thanks to Field*Wonderful.  And now that a good friend of mine has a newborn, I have a model for my baby items!

So far I have used up one whole skein of this blue & brown variegated baby yarn and made 8 pairs...

1 month old Charlotte models my first batch of mittens

And now I am working on some pink & yellow variegated mittens for the little girls on Etsy.

Both are soon to debut on Etsy this week!  They are now available on Etsy!  Any favorites so far?  I have another blue & baby blue striped skein that's just waiting to be made into more baby socks and no-scratch mittens.  Maybe I'll even do little caps to make some sets. :)  


  1. Sooo cute, and having the model to help is even better! Your stuff is amazing, my children still talk about how fast Annie is at knitting! Hope you are doing well! Kim

  2. Eight pairs!? You're a speedy knitter. And focused. I'd be afraid I'd get bored of the same pattern.
    Though, I'm sure it helps when they are so sweet and will be modeled by such an adorable little one. :)