Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Make It Indie was a Huge Success!

This is definitely my favorite picture from this day:

My husband took this one; I think he has a nice, artful eye.

I think my booth set up skills have greatly improved, even from the Art Walks, but especially from that first one in April last year.  I feel like that one (table set up) haunts me... Does anyone else feel that way about their first show?

Not only is the look of my table starting to get a nice look & feel to it, but the set up time was only 45 minutes compared to over an hour with the Art Walks!  I suppose it could be because Hubby was helping me and we were only setting up merchandise instead of a tent, tables, and then merchandise.  ;)

Make It Indie ran from 10am - 7pm (we arrived at 8:30am to set up).  I sat right behind, and made a new friend, Triple L Crochet & Knit.  I think we had a pretty good time visiting and swapping ideas, which is always fun.  Thistle & Bees was next to me, which really helped to alleviate both our nerves about doing our first indoor show.  I would say it also helped to pass the time, but we were so steadily busy, that time passed right along at a swift pace.  I couldn't believe it was 4pm already and I had hardly eaten any of my breakfast (bagel & cream cheese)!  I'm thrilled to report that I made my booth fee and broke even as early as noon or 1pm, thanks to all my new, fantastic customers!  

Like this young lady who got to design her own hat by choosing her flower color & hat color.   Then she waited patiently while I sewed them together into her own, unique design!

Monday night, finishing up the 3 ear warmers.

I had three orders that are very nearly complete; I just have buttons to sew onto the ear warmers and they are scheduled to go out in the mail later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Knitting & crocheting complete; just have to sew the buttons on.

It was such a joy to meet so many new people interested and in love with my wares.  :)  I definitely need to do more shows like this one in the future.  I was floating on Cloud 9 the whole evening and all of Sunday, working on orders.  I think I am just now starting to come back to reality and thus getting things like follow-up emails and blogging done.  ;)  

Thanks for all your support!  Next up is getting all the new items photographed and listed on etsy so you can see all the choices that were available at the show.  Happy Wednesday!

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