Friday, November 8, 2013

Next Show: Make It Indie

Back in September I found out that I would be one of the vendors showing in the Make It Indie show this November.  Yay!  I only had time for a little joyous celebration then it was back to the daily grind of babysitting, driving, and teaching knit/crochet classes.  

September, the last Art Walk of 2013.

Fast Forward to October, my awesome friend Niki (from Thistle & Bees, whom I shared a tent with at all the Art Walks this summer) was talking to me about this event and that she had the day off and should she try to get a spot even though it is a month past the application date?  I said of course because I noticed they were still advertising on Facebook, asking for people to apply.  Happily, she was accepted as well and my request to be placed next to her table has been granted -- double yippee!!  

Now I need to seriously kick my butt into gear because I can't believe the show is NEXT WEEK!!  Yikes!!  How did that sneak up on me so quickly?!  Wasn't it just September, like, last week? ;)

Any suggestions on how to display my hanging items, since I won't have the tent legs and overhead awning, would be greatly appreciated!  I'm thinking I'll have to do my clothesline trick along the front of the table like my very first time:

But I certainly don't want an all-flat, disordering table top...

and what to do with all my hanging items (baby socks, mittens, pants)....

hmm...  I guess a trip over to Pinterest is in order..... :)

On a side note, I have to say my goal to be in 1-3 shows in 2013 has definitely been fulfilled and checked off the list this year.  Yay!  :-D

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