Monday, January 13, 2014

Patterns for Christmas

I think this is the first year I’ve asked for knitting or crochet patterns for Christmas, but as I am still too cheap to purchase patterns (and running out of time to come up with ideas that weren’t giftcards), I thought this would be a great and different idea.  Plus, what a fun gift to give!  My aunt (we draw names and buy for one person each in our extended family) did a wonderful job putting together a gift around 3 knit and crochet patterns.  She printed each one off and picked out a couple skeins of yarn for the Crochet Slippers pattern as well as included the designated hook and a hand written note – which may have been my favorite part.  :)   I’m so excited to get started on these slippers, but then I can’t decide if I want to start the slippers first or the Rocky Mountain Coast cardigan.

Yup, I am on my way to being part of the Rocky Mountain Coast cardigan "club.”  It would appear to be a very popular pattern among my blog friends and after looking for other cardigans that would suite my design needs, I kept coming back to this one.  The wonderful comments from everyone else who has worked and completed it give me hope that I might finally complete a cardigan and love it, too.  It would be nice to scratch that off my bucket list.  ;) 


  1. Oh, I hope you get a chance to make it! It's a great cardigan. (I'm actually wearing mine right now!)

  2. @Liesl - Thanks for the support! It is next on my list after this Puerperium Cardigan. :) Can't wait!